Hey there, Sandra here! I make plant-based and vegan recipes on my little part of the internet.

About The Lonely Chia Seed
I’ve always enjoyed messing around in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until after I gave birth to my first child in 2017 that I started to explore vegan cooking. While fruitlessly trying to keep track of my recipes and recipe ideas on my phone, or written down in notebooks and random scraps of paper I figured I really should just put this all up on a blog. And thus, The Lonely Chia Seed was born!

About Me
Cards on the table: at the moment I eat vegan meals about 90% of the time. That’s right!

While at home, all the meals I cook are vegan and all the recipes you will find on this blog contain no animal products. But, I still am an omni that 10% of the time though I will say it’s a huge improvement over how I used to eat (goodbye bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

This is a balance I find that works for me right now, and maybe I will get more into those reasons in a future blog post. All I’ll say is that I am so thankful to have found a balance that is working for me while still doing what I can to minimize my environmental footprint and improve my health.

I hope that no matter how you eat, you’ll give one of my recipes a try and maybe even find it tasty – fingers crossed!

A Bit More
Born and raised Canadian living in the capital. It’s cold and we only get summer two months out of the year, so I am basically an old crank that likes to complain about the weather. I’m married to a lovable nerd and together we have a lovable kid who makes us laugh everyday. I work full time in the non-profit sector and also have a dog named Sophie whom you will likely see on this blog, because she is a photogenic superstar!

Other topics I’m interested and have a passion for are intuitive eating, fitness, beauty and that whole “having it all” as a mom. Yeah, yeah it’s all just a little cliche, but you read this far so jokes on you.





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